Chemical Systems is an authorized dealer for Silver Bullet AOP technology. We have years of experience integrating Silver Bullet into process cooling systems with excellent results. Let us use this technology to help your facility achieve new levels of efficiency and sustainability.

The Silver Bullet Water Treatment system is classified as an Advanced Oxidation Processes (AOP). AOPs are designed for water treatment applications to remove organic and inorganic materials, such as bacteria, algae, minerals, and a wide range of other contaminants present in water. AOPs produce hydroxyl (OH•) and oxygen (O•) radicals on-site, which react rapidly and indiscriminately to neutralize contaminants.

The Silver Bullet Water Treatment system uses Ultraviolet light and other proprietary processes to modify oxygen and create a gas that is injected into water. Once injected, the modified oxygen forms reactive oxygen radicals and also binds with hydrogen atoms to create hydroxyl radicals. The modified oxygen additionally combines with water molecules to create H2O2, or hydrogen peroxide, to act as a lasting biocide.

Most AOP systems are capital intensive, however, the Silver Bullet system is rented on a monthly basis at a cost comparable to traditional chemical treatments.

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Silver Bullet Water Treatment Trailer 1
Silver Bullet Water Treatment Reactor